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Instructor Spotlight - Jules Marie

We recently spoke with writing and social media instructor, Jules Marie. Jules, owner of 33 Words PR, is teaching seven one-session classes this fall.

Jules-Monterey-mc.jpgYou describe yourself as a “word chef.” What does that mean?
I was a professional chef and a word nerd so word chef is the perfect nickname for me! I cook up words the way chefs prepare an inviting, delicious feast: I research, plan, create, prepare and serve words that are memorable, compelling and inspirational.

Tell us more about being a chef:
I was a chef and caterer and I pioneered all-natural cooking classes and week-long cooking camps for kids. I loved food and words so I began writing food articles. My first cooking column was published in the original Wild Oats Market newsletter and my second in the Lifelong Learning newsletter in the late 80s!
How did your passion for words develop?
My mom used to quiz me with National Spelling Bee words and I’ve loved words ever since. Words make sense to me; they help me express my feelings, needs and desires. Words are beautiful, inspiring and meaningful. Words are the music behind the stories of my life.
Tell us about your writing and PR background:
As I transitioned from cooking, I returned to college and earned four certificates in Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media Management and began consulting, strategizing and writing content. Today I write website pages, blogs, press releases, crowdfunding campaigns, business plans, book proposals, social media content, and other marketing materials for small business owners like myself.
You’re teaching a variety of classes. What do they all have in common?
All of my classes have “engagement” in common. I strive to teach people how to engage with fans, colleagues, editors, publishers, customers, clients, and friends and family via social media and publicity!
What is your favorite type of writing?
I love writing human interest stories. I wrote a series of feature articles on breast cancer and was honored that people would trust me to tell their stories on paper. Their stories moved me and my words moved readers. That’s the difference words can truly make.
Please share a couple of tips for writing engaging content in the digital age:
Give your fans something to think about. Stimulate, stir and arouse their interest. Share your wisdom, not just your sales pitch. Post, comment on and share meaningful posts. Appeal to the senses, to character, to morals, to values, to emotions, to feelings. Share your own story. Be clear. Be concise. Be funny because everyone loves to laugh.